Railway photography by Jeremy de Souza.

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Welcome to my photographic website. I hope you like the material here. My main interest is in travel and transport, and my images go back to the late 1970s and 80s, right through to the present day.

2013 turned out to be an interesting year, with plenty of ups and downs. Some great images recorded, but for me the catastrophe of a hard drive failure meaning the loss of many photos from the past few years.

2014 bodes well, with plenty of events and opportunities, and a new camera to shoot them on.

As well as the old shots from my collection going back over 30 years, I try to shoot plenty of modern stuff, both on the mainline and preserved. If you see me out and about, do say hello!

In the mean time, I have set up a Railway Photography community on Smugmug. I hope you may feel you want to join! You can contact me via the tab above - I'd love to hear from you. If you like the community, please also tell Smugmug. Their new format doesn't support communities, but if enough of us complain - well, the customer is always right!

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Photography by Jeremy de Souza
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